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Kosharitsa village nestled between the beautiful green hills at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain range. It is situated 6 km from the famous resort Sunny Beach Living, 120 m above sea level. Kosharitsa executed charming tranquility, purity and beauty. Around remained untouched nature, nearby is the reserve "Kalina" unique of dense forests. The area around Kosharitsa declared a protected area - here goes the route of migratory birds Via Pontica.
Unlike many other Bulgarian villages Kosharitsa actively developed. In the center of the construction of a new church, opened a school. Between Sunny Beach Living Kosharitsa and built several small private residential complexes.
Tourism Kosharitsa suitable for lovers of peace, tranquility and serenity of the village, and for lovers of the beach, sea and nightlife - Sunny Beach Living is just 10 minutes away by car. Neighborhood Kosharitsa exclusively for cycling, mountain tourism, sport fishing. A building of the golf course.


Real estates in Kosharitsa