On the first day of spring in Bulgaria celebrate one of the most favorite holidays - "Baba Marta". On this day, give each other special charms - martenitsi made of interwoven red and white thread. White symbolizes purity, innocence and joy, and red - health, strength and life. Martenitsi tie pet and fruit trees. Wear them until they see a stork or swallow - then martenitsi have to hang on the tree or put under a stone and make a wish.

          On March 1, started the annual agricultural cycle, and the month of March according to folk beliefs associated with the feminine nature, the beginning of a new life, strength and fertility. Temper Baba Marta - sister of January and February - feminine unstable, she is angry and frowning something fun and smiling, as the weather in early spring.

        According to legend, the first "martenitsi" wife did Asparuh Ahinora. When Khan was on the march, after a long wait Ahinora decided to send him news. She tied twisted red and white thread to the leg and released swallow bird, so she gave Asparuh wife wishes of good health and a declaration of love.

       The custom of wearing amulets made of white and red threads with pagan times except Bulgaria remained in Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, Albania and northern Greece. As of March produced a great variety of martenitsi - from traditional cords of red and white woolen yarn to large and small pom-poms, tassels, pendants, bracelets and, of course, inseparable dolls Pizho and Penda.