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> May 6 - Day of the Bulgarian Army and courage
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May 6 - Day of the Bulgarian Army and courage


   Congratulations to all on Labor Day and the beginning of May holidays!

       We wish you a spring mood, success in all your endeavors and good health!

That's the long-awaited May holidays - the ability to enjoy the warm sunny days, finally re-order the boring winter, go on nature, walk in the park and then commemorate the holidays active holidays at their summer cottage.

In Bulgaria, on May 1 as an official holiday, Labor Day and International Workers' Solidarity.

And on May 6 in Bulgaria will celebrate one of the most beloved and revered holiday - the Day of St. George - "Gergovden" that want to talk a little bit more.

The Russian Orthodox Church this day is known as the "St George's Day Spring", St. George is the patron saint host.

In Bulgaria, May 6 - Day of courage and celebration of the Bulgarian Army. On this day in all the towns held military parades and official celebrations. In addition, St. George's Day is considered a holiday of the shepherds and farmers, it marks the beginning of the period of active agricultural operations, continuing to Dimitrov of October 26. And most importantly, this day is celebrated name day all who are named George, Gergana, Gabrielle, Ginka, Genadi, Gosho, Galina - in short, May 6, almost all Bulgarians share on birthdays and going to a birthday party.

Invite at the party in Bulgaria is not accepted - everyone must remember relatives and friends who have a special day to express their respect by coming to visit with a gift. The house is usually the birthday lisch approximately assume how many people have to cover the festive meal and refreshments prepared for the future.

On the festive table on May 6 in each house is required to present lamb and salad of fresh greens.

Since Gergovden coincides with the wonderful time violent blossoming of nature, people call it "flower George". Morning dew on this day takes on special healing powers, and every drop of rain has fallen in the future will certainly turn into a gold coin.