If you for some reason decided to sell your property in Bulgaria, in front of you a lot of questions.
How to start the sale of an apartment or house in Bulgaria? How to assign the correct price and sell the property most profitable in the short term?

 The first question is to declare an apartment in several agencies, or better to give exclusive rights to a single company? The decision is yours. Both options have their pros and cons.
Of course, the apartment, advertised in several agencies, has a chance to reach a wider target audience, to be represented on many branded sites and, therefore, easier to find a buyer. The result, however, may be that your apartment for months will be "hanging" on dozens of sites no longer a current price, while you will be extremely difficult to remember exactly where you applied six months ago, and who to call for a price correction or deletion ads.
The apartment, which is engaged in the sale of one company can have such a large-scale advertising, but exclusive offers paid more attention. You can be sure of your property - in fact the key to the apartment is in good hands. If you do not have time for this, a trustee of the estate agency can sign on your behalf a preliminary agreement with the buyer, get deposited deposit, prepare the necessary documents for the transaction. In addition, many agencies cooperate with each other, and your apartment good chance of being widely advertised, with no extra effort on your part.
The most important issue - the price. In determining the selling price, it is useful to examine thoroughly similar proposals in the media. But it should be borne in mind that the value of the property affected by the moments that are visible only to the professional look. Not matter how much worth your apartment 5 years ago, and how much you pay for a custom-made furniture. As time goes by, the situation on the real estate market is changing very rapidly, and with it the price of resale property.
You will need to get an idea of what price are the real deal with similar properties. Especially if you want to sell an apartment in the short term and should as much as possible for it to appoint adequate and competitive price. This will help an experienced agent who is well versed in the situation and give you professional advice. And then you can sell your property to you provided for this term and you will not have the feeling that you are a bad bargain.
Showmanship. If you decide to put your house in Bulgaria for sale and submit it for examination, it is necessary first of all to remove personal items - photos, portraits, children's toys, cherished trinkets, souvenirs and personal items - bags, hats, shoes. The bathroom does not have to leave hygiene - bottles, vials, toothbrushes and towels. What you value and familiar, annoying stranger, it distracts from the main and creates a sense of confusion.
To advertise apartments necessarily need her photo. If the seller has an opportunity, he can take a picture of himself their homes and try to present it in a favorable light. It is useful to observe some rules. Removing a toilet, do not forget to lower the toilet lid. Before you take pictures of the bedroom, try as gently as possible to fill the bed. The photo should not see people or body parts, looking out of the corner, or accidentally reflected in his mirror. Pets in the photo looks very nice, but only for those who really loves.
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