Dear friends,

Everyone knows the saying "Seeing is believing." And this is absolutely applicable, when we are talking about buying a property abroad. There is no better way to get acquainted to the country, the towns and the property, you want to invest in or move to, than through one of our viewing trips.

Why go on a viewing trip?

  • See the properties personally and feel the area
  • Get acquainted to the country ,the local people, culture, style of life   
  • To receive a professional legal advice
  • Open local bank accounts

The trip will allow you to discover the country and the area for yourself and also meet essential contacts which you will require at some point throughout your purchase. Our viewing trips are individually organized and we usually recommend 3-4 days to allow time to view all the properties, which may be of interest to you. On arriving at the airport of your chosen destination, you will be met by our consultants and taken to your accommodation.

Traveling with us, you will be able to receive a lot of useful information, to see with your own eyes, what is advertised on the internet / and more – you will to see the newest, most attractive bargain – deal properties.You will get professional answers to all your questions and finally, your trip will be a nice combination between a viewing trip and a short holiday  .

Arrangements - We provide:

  • airport transfer to accommodation
  • hotel/apartments accommodation
  • viewing of the properties , that are of interest to you
  • legal support and advice.

We always start with a small tour of the area and surroundings, as we believe, that one should love the area first. Only after that, our consultants, would show you a number of properties, that matches your criteria budget. Our consultants are experienced with purchasers from abroad and will be more than happy to answer all your questions. Our company is providing full legal support throughout the purchasing process.

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