What is an ideal part
In Bulgaria the final price of the property is calculated on the living area of the apartment and the common areas. That is why it’s very important to know, how the pure and common area is formed, to avoid misunderstandings conflicts and claims against the builder.
In Bulgaria, the final cost of the property is the sum of the living area of the apartment and the area of the common parts of the building. Their measurement differs from other countries and is , as follows:

- Living area of the apartment includes: interior walls, all rooms in the property, toilet, bathroom and the balcony .
- Common areas include: entrance, stairs, and exterior walls, corridors, whose area is divided proportionally between the apartments in the building and represent an average of 8 to 25% of the total area.
According to Article 38 of the Law of Ownership - in buildings, where floors or parts of floors, belong to different owners, common to all owners are the land , on which the building is constructed, the garden, the foundation, the exterior walls, interior walls between different apartments, columns, beams, slabs, joist, stairs, landings, roofs, walls between attics and basements of individual owners, chimneys, external doors of the building and the doors to the common attic and basement, installations and their central systems, lifts, water pipes and everything else ,that serves to all owners and is for common use.

If some of the common parts serve to a single property or a few properties only, it can be arranged that these parts of the building be common only to the persons, whose premises, they serve. Otherwise common areas cannot be divided.

The separation of the common parts among the owners depends and is proportional of the size of each apartment. This is according art. 40 of the Property Law Legislation.

In the preliminary contract and the Title deed / document proving ownership / is always appointed the common area, the living area and the area of the common parts of the property .

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